We understand young adults as well as more mature people can go through emotional roller-coaster and constant pressure from their friends and peers.   On top of it there is a constant pressure from TV, the Internet and other media, which try to influence on how people should feel and look. These influences often distort the real life values and make people confused. It creates an additional strain on any relationship. People often don’t know, how to communicate with people closest to them. As a result they often break-up their relationship. This is the reason for this website existence.

We have more than 70 years of combined private as well as professional experience working with children, teenagers, young adults and more mature people. We would like to share this experience with people of any age.

We hope that this way we may save them from unnecessary heartache, stress and just plain temporary lost of hope, wondering what to do next.  If we recommend some product or service, we believe that you will gain far more benefits, than it would cost you initially.

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